The Bearded Bastard

Jeremiah Newton


Let's start a little with my childhood... My father named me after Jeremiah "Liver Eating" Johnson, one of the most famous mountain men there have ever been, at least according to Robert Redford, and my father. I think when I was a kid my father shaved his beard once, I saw him and ran to my mom asking who that strange man in their room was, you can imagine my dad grew it back pretty quickly. I have always wanted to grow facial hair like my pops, since I was not as blessed as him in the facial hair department, I was left with growing as magnificent of a Southern Gentleman's version. I am not going to lie, my facial hair is bushy, scratchy, and a bit of a bastard to control, so I started creating grooming products being handy and all, I mean come on I am named after a famous mountain man. You might ask where the scent comes from, well I have always been drawn to the mountains the smell of cedar, and pine, and all the earthy goodness that goes with it, I normally wore that scent blend much to the pleasure of my friends who seemed to hug me a bit longer than might be normal, you can say that is how I test out all my scents for any product that I am thinking of creating. Well as you probably caught, I am Jeremiah, and I love to make beautiful things, I hope you love my products as much as I do, till next time may your fine facial hair slowly and majestically wave in the breeze, may women everywhere fawn over those follicles, and may you always have a little Bastard upon thine mug!